An Ongoing Conversation

An Ongoing Conversation is a multi-layered 17 minute video that was exhibited at The Alice as part of the Operations in Shape show.

'Home' means many things to us; it's a place to live, it's a homemade meal and a safe and warm bed, and it's wherever our loved ones are waiting to welcome us back. The meaning is never the exact same as another's, and it's always a changing, ongoing process of discovering the meaning of home for ourselves. Using home as a jumping point, I met with and interviewed several people on multiple occasions and discussed what home meant to us, the journey of discovering that meaning, and all the side stories that happened along the way. This project consists of many layers of images and video inspired by the interviews. It is accompanied by the merged audio clips taken from all the conversations that we had. 
For a short, 30 second preview, I recommend skipping to 1:05 and starting from there.